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Where do you purchase stand-offs from? I've used them with installs for local franchises but never personally had a request for them until now.


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I order mine from N. Glantz & Son.
Got the Lg. 3/4" (YMSOA0530) and they are very nice looking, expensive but nice.
$44.79 for a pack of 4.


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That's where we get ours. We've ordered from, but I don't particularly like how big of a hole you have to drill in the substrate with theirs. 5/16ths, IIRC, versus the 1/4 hole for the standoffs we get from Outwater.

The are simpler to install, but don't look as nice, IMO.

ETA: You can also "stack" the version Outwater carries or even do multi-panels on one set of standoffs. Can't do that with the signstandoff version.


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Pizzaz are nice but nothing holds a candle to StandOff Systems

True, but nothing holds a candle to their prices either. I haven't had many customers will to spring for $150 for 4 standoffs.

They have sweet stuff, but man, I can't figure out how to sell their product to my customers. I'm obviously targeting them to customers they weren't intended for.