Static cling cutting problems


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Hi :
We are having difficulty maintain alignment when trying to cut our printed static cling vinyl decals. Any suggestions?

Mutoh Value jet printer
Mutoh cutter
Flexi pro

Print/cut job 300 1x1.5" decals,

Alignment starts accurately but gradually drifts,
We tried putting premask on the front of the cling where the rollers travel with some success and also added it to the backing. But there is still drifting.

Thank you for your help


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What speed and force are you using?
How old is your knife blade?

You might even want to extend your knife distance out from the holder.
Perhaps the holder is dragging the material.

I would start by slowing down the speed and the acceleration.

Your best bet is to try and observe it during cutting.
Look for the material bunching up at the knife.


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We have had issues that were fixed with shorter runs using a slower velocity. The static material creates quite a bit of drag across the platen, which I suspect is the culprit.


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Have you calibrated your printer's media feed for the cling? Cling will feed differently than pressure sensitive film, and an uncompensated print can result in inaccurate cuts in the y axis.