SuperBowl Commercials


Well at least you guys get to see them. I'm up here in igloo country and the cable companies are allowed to simulcast the canadian feed right over the American channels.

At one point after half time we had to sit through 2 minutes of some lame song for the winter olympics with a frozen logo on

I will have to watch the commercials on youtube tomorrow......

Fred Weiss

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Close call between the doritas dog collaring the master, the doritas boy slap and by a slight margin the bud light asteroid/dud. I'm losing hope for a new Budweiser Clydesdale one.

Fred Weiss

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The Clydesdales was a disappointment. One other I liked was the Bud Light Lost parody. All in all the commercials this year were sub par.


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You have to like the one where they stereotype the minority as a single mom in a mini skirt that brings some new dude home to bang her while her kid is at home. Then slapping an adult for wanting to do her and eating one of his chemical chips. Made me appreciate the commercial with the horses and the steer.