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Just wanted to chime in and say THANKS to this site and the people on it. Getting into the skinz business was a huge investment personally and time wise as well. This site has answered so many questions quickly through the search function and saved me from banging my head against the wall numerous times. As well as saved money in wasted product. Thanks!:U Rock:


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attaboy or girl!

a warm WELCOME from sunny california!

Boy actually. Well if 39 years old can be considered a boy. :rock-n-roll: I am in West Central Minnesota. Started my art at 10 years of age. Everything from pin stripping, hand lettered signs, large scale murals, website design, computer graphic design, taught HS art for 15 years and now Pro Skinz & Design. Business is doing well, but also being the owner and chef of a restaurant/bar is keeping me up REAL late at night. This forum was such a stroke of luck for me to find.

So thanks again for chilly Minnesota! :notworthy:


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