The new guys in Michigan


Hello! We've been trolling around here for a while, and decided we needed to make it official...

We're a general-purpose print shop that opened up in August of this year. We do traditional copy & print services as well as large format work on our Roland. We're just now getting into cut vinyl, and hope to be able to get into full print & cut within a few months.

This place is SO amazing, a serious wealth of knowledge and we look forward to being a part of it!


Thanks for the welcomes! I've posted my first question in another thread and got several great answers within minutes, and every one of them was helpful. What an awesome way for your community to act- no criticisms or flaming a n00b question- it's refreshing!

Oh, signsbydale- are you "the" big squeegie guy, or just pimping the product?


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Welcome from PA...................

........and if you think this stuff is good, might I suggest looking into becoming a 'Premium' member/subscriber.​