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Is this thing on???
How-d all...I'm Patrick from the Oregon Coastline.
I'm an old school letterhead & pinstriper, and have been doing this stuff for some 30 years now.
I've done just about every kind of sign job you can imagine...but my main stay has been big truck lettering & graphics. Naturally, I'll paint just about anything that comes through the door (especially these days :frustrated:).
I also build custom motorcycles and hot-rods, and dabble in fine art & illustration too. (Now you can see where I got my business name!)
I really hate technology, but did see where it could help, so...I got my first plotter about 16 years ago, and got my 2nd 2 years ago. I am now buying an older Edge machine too...just because I think I'm on to a neat use for it...and I'm hoping my kids may some day take over that part of the business from me...so I can get back to working with my hands.
Well...that's the short version to my story...glad to be here!
Oh, and I've been married to an awesome woman, that I definately don't deserve, for 24 years now too.
Here's somma my work...
my 1950 Chevy panel shop truck...in front of my shop...
A 1903 horse-drawn fire wagon a good friend and I gold leafed...
a patriotic flamejob I recently did on a rare 1956 Dodge coupe...
and a horse barn my son & I painted...(corrigated tin sucks!)...
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Welcome to Signs 101. Enjoy your stay.

It would be appreciated, in the future, if you would follow these instructions for uploading pictures. We prefer that all pictures be hosted here to insure that future readers will be able to see them as you intended. If they are off site, that might not be the case a year from now.

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Welcome from BC interior nice work! Nice to have an other experienced guy to help out the newbies. Is that snow there on the hood of your panel shop truck? Hate the stuff New-years eve \ day now and just came in from shoveling the stuff, it's a good thing snows not brown cause I would call it some thing ease.
Thanks for sharing, Keith


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Is that snow there on the hood of your panel shop truck? Keith

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh................................why no Keith. :noway:
Unlike BC...we 'never' get snow down here!!!

Ummmm....I was working with a can of spray-foam, and it blew up all over me & my truck. I thought it looked "Christmassy", so I took a picture of it. :omg: :doh: Yea...that was it! :wink:

Thanx for the nice coments all!!
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Welcome from PA..............................

....... and sorry to hear agbout the accident with the foam can. That stuff can get real messy.:omg:


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Welcome from PA. We have about 4" of that damn foam stuff on everything outside.
Nice selection of work! Good to see another old-schooler.