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Uk signpainter

Wayne Osborne

New Member
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen.
Some of you I know-
Some of you even know me-( which must be even worse for you!:tongue: )

A spring Chicken of the signworld at 32- had my own shop since 94- been hand lettering all my working life and maybe oneday will be some use to someone.

Based in South East England:brittain: ( 50 or so miles south of London and hang a left)

I've been a lurker here for a while- but could'nt keep quiet for long:U Rock:


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Hi Wayne!
Fancy meeting you here.
I am LUCKY enough to have Wayne's Baddly Dunn panel!
:brittain: :unclesam:


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Wayne Osborne said:
Midhurst in West Sussex ( by the sea)-North of Portsmouth

Welcome Wayne - I too live in "West" Sussex - on the other side of the pond in Sussex, New Jersey. I have a client called Midhurst Tree Care. People are forever asking me "What the hell is Midhurst?" I always tell them a town in West Sussex, and they all look at me quite perplexed and anxious for me to point it out on a map of NJ. Needless to say, I don't.

I saw some of your work in another thread - got to tell you I love that Jeffersons sign. Beautiful work!

Welcome to :signs101: !!!


Wayne Osborne

New Member
Hi Gene!
well fancy that!- heres some pics of the town,
( Well- some shops..and the view from the church clock I gilded)


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Cool town, it must be nice living there. By the looks of it, I would imagine it to be. How much of the surrounding area is like that? You'll have to exuse my ignorance, but it's not at all like anything I am used to seeing - it's more like traveling back in time.

Nice job on the clock too - and there's Jefferson's! Was the town aerial shot taken from the clock scaffolding?

Very cool indeed, thanks for sharing!


Wayne Osborne

New Member
Yes - Thats the view from the top of the tower!
Buildings in town date from 1500-onward-and yes thers lot of loverly places around that look similar- with lots of countryside in between- I'm very lucky.

You can see where the need for lots of Hand lettering comes in with all those ancient buildings and Georgian and Victorian shopfronts.


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Whew, glad to hear that. I thought you were showing us your striping capabilites on that pole sticking out... LOL

Nice work :thumb:

Wayne Osborne

New Member
Thanks Everybody
I thought you were showing us your striping capabilites on that pole sticking out.

:biggrin: - LOL yeah..my stripings a little better than that!( just)

I think thats just some tape...to let you know its there (Y'know -sticking out like that........so passers by don't bang their head on it................60 feet up..:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: )