Understanding Pizza

Fred Weiss

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Ahhh Haaa



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You gotta start going where I go. It's a square pizza, packed in a square box and the slices are square, too. Buncha old Italian ladies have been making it this way for over a hundred years at this Italian club.


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only thing I have to understand is the best pizza in the country is a mile from my shop...and now I'm restricted to one slice :banghead:


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The Pizza Garden, long since closed, had a square pizza that measured 36" x 36". Very good pizza.
Port Sandy Bay used to serve the Sno-Coaster pizza. 36" diameter.:eek:


Used to be the best pizza in town was at a college dive bar about a mile from me. We have wet and dry counties here, and mine is dry. This was the first bar that got an alcohol permit when they finally allowed restaurants to get them, right when I started college. Long story short, Kitchen Nightmares showed up, hauled off their pizza oven and replaced it with a fancy one that cooks stupidly small pizzas, and then cranked the price from a $5 large during happy hour, to a $15 for a ~7" pizza made from garbage. They made quite a few improvements to the place itself otherwise, but utterly destroyed the food. They've slowly been bringing back different old favorites, but claim to never go back to the old large za.


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Anyone near the Grand Haven, MI area, or grow up there? My mom's side of the family started a place over 70 years ago called "Fricano's Pizza Tavern", and it's still there. Might well be the thinnest pizza you've ever seen, only 5 toppings from which to choose (and since one of them is anchovy, that means 4 topping choices to me), doesn't open til around 4pm (closed Sunday), and shortly before that there's a line forming at the door(s). Fantastic taste like no other pizza I've had.