Vag ad campaign!


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Really don't have to market them here in Jacksonville, just go downtown at night and their on every street corner. :ROFLMAO:


geezus. equal rights and woman-empowerment ....leads us to this?
any man that would try to market a day to celebrate the "big-P", especially with similiar scripting, would most likely get it lopped-off


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I knew it was heading this way when I saw ad on TV (a few years ago I think) with an animated sanitary pad flying around by flapping it's "wings'.

wayne k
guam usa
Ok, so let's say you did happen to see this on another site...what in the WORLD made you want to become more educated about it!?

Because the banner ad had similar wording. I thought.... "really? What could this be about?" So i guess the ad campaign is successful if you pay attention to it.