Vinyl On Bare MDO / Plywood


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Hey everyone! I have a customer that wants to purchase a 4' x 8' vinyl graphic from me and install it himself on a 4' x 8' piece of MDO or knowing how cheap this guy is just plain old plywood. First question is would this work being as most of the stuff we do are omegabond or alumalite. How well would it hold up and stick. I looked in some threads and all I could see is people talking about painting the plywood / MDO and am not sure why. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Craig Sjoquist

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will it be primed MDO ...... as far un-primed it will stick ..BUT how long is another manner

and if primed ... again it will stick ... BUT how long

if they want cheap go 10 mil. coroplas ... will look nice last several years

primed and painted MDO will last few more years


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The guy wants it as cheap as possible. He was actually going to put it over a sign that was already there and has probably been there for like 5+ years. I told him if he went ahead with this order that he would have to put it on a good sheet of plywood or MDO. At this point I could see the guy was trying to be extremely cheap and told him if that is what he wants to do then just do a banner and screw and fender washer it up on the plywood....But he doesn't want a banner he wants an adhesive vinyl graphic.... what a piece of work.


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Yep! Save that file!

We save all of our files.....So at this point being as I don't think the guy is going to listen to me about the good plywood and painting it would you just have him sign a statement saying something to the fact that we are not responsible for any problems that may occur from the installation of this product?


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Is he from Butler by any chance?
Guaranteed it will not even be plywood but that OSB stuff.
I occasionally have people buy 4x8 corosigns and attach them to OSB with screws.
I tell them to at least paint the OSB first or it will be like a giant sponge but they never do.
I don't even think a print would adhere well to bare wood in the first place.


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Unless you're firm with the customer.... he's gonna be back.... pissed or mad, but he'll be back.

Just tell him plain and simple...... you want cheap... you got cheap. Here are my recommendations. Follow them or do what you want.

Should be primed and top coat at least once. Anything less than that.... he's on his own.

Craig's idea is the best..... put it on Cor-X and screw it fast. That will last much longer than the route he's attempting.

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Is he doing the install himself? If so, make sure he knows you are not responsible for anything in any way. That means all you are doing is providing him with graphics. What he does with them is his own problem. This is most likely gonna fail even if he follows your specs (i doubt he will) because I'm sure he's not a professional installer. After telling him this, you could up-sell him on proper material and proper installation.


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put it on a piece of coro, give him the coro, it cost you no more than $8.00 per sheet..

use int. vinyl if you wish, let him put it on the old plywood. at least the coro and the

vinyl will look good... cheap is what he will get. at least you can walk away feeling a

little better.....

Pat Whatley

As an experiment in being lazy I mounted a 4x8 digital print to a piece of unprimed, unpainted MDO and put edge banding on it with silicone. My thinking was the sign was only going to be up a couple months and this was an excellent opportunity to try something new. Felt like it stuck damn good.

Couple of weeks later I'm driving past the sign and can literally see the 2' x 4' bubble from the road. Just so you know how well it stuck I picked it up that afternoon, took it to the shop, covered it with transfer tape and lifted the whole graphic off in one perfect piece.


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Raw wood holds moisture. When the moisture evaporates, it pops off the vinyl.

Maybe if he hit it with some spray 90 before applying it would hold for a while.


RTA has not warranty! All you can do is tell him what to do and let him know once he pays for it he takes all responsibility!