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viruses,,,true and false


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I think that I've had them all .... LOL .... Oh Well !, It's time to reformat the ole' computer again.


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I own a Mac.


What's a virus?:biggrin:


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Make sure to set up your A/V software to scan CD's, floppies, thumb drives etc. upon isertion. Many times this is the way people get them.

Have your A/V software automatically check for updates daily.

Be selective in the websites you visit, and email from an unknown sender.

*FWIW - we run PC's here too, but all our email and incoming files are filtered through our macs first before they ever go to a PC. Even so, we still run A/V on all our PC's. The world just ain't safe anymore...:biggrin:


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I dunno, ask my buddy that runs Macs. He just lost his whole hard drive to a virus. I asked him what anti-virus he was using. He didn't have any. He owns a Mac.

Really!? :rolleyes: He's sure it wasn't just a regular hard drive failure?

Did he get confirmation on that from anyone? I think there are a few mac software companies actually offering a reward if anyone can actually prove that one exists in the wild for any version of OS X.

*It is possible he is running one of the new Intel macs and was running a flavor of Windows that gave him a virus which affected the Windows operating system software that disabled his hard drive. That I could easily believe. But, again that is not a "Mac" virus.


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If you are getting virus's then you are doing/not doing everything to stope them.

If someone is getting 196 hits then you are more likely getting hits on the spyware or someone is pulling your legs clean off.

First, have a router. A good router will block almost every thing that tries to enter thru the computer ports.
Second. Firewall. A good firewall will block most every thing else that tries to get in or out without your knowledge.

Right now comodo firewall is free and is rated as a really good firewall.

Finally, Do not use outlook, outlook express and M$ internet explorer. These are known virus vectors.

Personally, I nor has any of my clients ever had a virus if they use the above steps. I have nver had a virus in all the years ive used the internet.

Even when blaster and all those other famous attacks a few years ago never touched my machines.