What transfer tape do you prefer?

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I was out doing a window install today and in the unit next to me was another sign guy putting up a sign on a door. We got to talking and as I was applying to vinyl he told me he would never use paper transfer tape because it is harder to use and messes up all the time. I have had transfer tape mess up but usually it was my fault to begin with. He only uses clear masking. I have never purchased a roll of it but one of the business I bought out had a roll. I used it a couple of times and it would peel up and just didnt care for it. I have no idea how old it was, so that could have been part of the problem as well.

Anyway, just curious what everyone is using.


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I dislike clear tape 100%. Also, no one in the/our shop likes it. There was a time it was Okay to use, but I can't find a need to use that stuff at all.

I imagine some might like it, but it must be a niche thing.


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I have a few rolls of clear masking and basically use it when I need to line up 2 or 3 colours with tight registration. I also like using it for doing multiple quck single line names on clear plexi ( a nightmare job I quoted and got stuck doing 300 of them). The stuff can be used multiple times before it runs out of tackiness. It does not go down well on large graphics for me. To pricey too

The best paper premask I have used is the 3m brand that is quite thick and really effective when doing large frosted windows,but again t is pricey and hard to justify for day to day applications

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We agree with Pat.
3M SPCM-3. We keep cheap stuff around for a few uses but 3M is our core product.
i keep around the clear transfer tape just for layering vinyl, but it was a time i used it for all the jobs and worked great, but like some say "it gets pricey". so i use just regular transfer tape for now.


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R-Tape. Has a lot of uses in the shop. Taping graphics, Blocking out screens and covering shirt platens. We also steer clear of the clear.


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R-tape non clear here as well. its way better than the main tape i was using.

i have some short rolls of clear mostly for printed decals that are gonna stay taped (for sale, special purpose, etc)


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R-Tape Conform - and I agree - every clear I've used has been junk... although the kid that used to work here got a roll of clear at the Orlando show that seems to do good for tight registration jobs...

if he had only picked up some literature so I'd know what kind it is...