1. R

    Mimaki JV33 and Old DX5 Printhead

    There are used Epson printers available locally that use the DX5 printhead. Can these existing printer printheads be used in a Miamki JV33 printer, or has the firmware been altered to block this option? New printheads are available from SolventInkJet, which I believe to be a reputable company...
  2. R

    Discussion Mimaki JV33 Printhead Price

    I need a printhead for a Mimaki JV33-130. Prices online range from $765.00 to a bit over $2,000, which is a huge difference. Most sites list the printheads for $2,000 +(-). Is there a difference between the mid seven hundred dollar heads, and those that sell for two grand? Here's the link to...
  3. Marie


    FOR SALE: JV33-130, Needs new head, Very good condition otherwise, INCLUDES EXHAUST SYSTEM/FANS, You pick-up (Hattiesburg, MS) - $750.00
  4. 7_nebo_7

    For Sale BS4 Mimaki permanent ink chips emulator board

    Hi there, We are happy to introduce MikaChip V2.0 - BS4 ink emulator board. MikaChip V2.0 is ultimate ink chip replacement solution for those looking to switch from original ink to OEM ink. The ink emulator board allows to replace original Mimaki BS4 ink chips. It works in same way as permanent...
  5. K

    JV33 MAPS

    I understand this update is not available thru the firmware updater anymore? I'm at version 5.0 on my JV33-130. I've just refurbished the machine myself and want to upgrade to 5.7 to gain access to the MAPS function to reduce the banding. Anyone have any luck finding the firmware from any techs?
  6. M

    Mimaki JV33-260: mtr.alm y:cnt.over

    Hi! Since today we get this error after printing the nozzle-check: "mtr.alm y:cnt.over" This appears after printing the check, bevor the printhead returns in his house. The printhead does not return, he remains above the printet testpattern. Then we have to reinitialise the plotter. Any...
  7. S


    Hello. Nice to meet you everyone. I am using JV33-160A made by MIMAKI. There's one problem with initial ink filling-up. I am using CISS(MBIS) with 4 cartridges(CMYK). After first setup by the seller's engineer, there's no problem with using printer. The cartridges are installed at 1, 3, 5...
  8. V. V.

    Mimaki JV5 users

    Dear all, just out of curiosity... I wonder how many JV5 (both 160 and 320) user have we got around here? Just wanna ask you how do you still deal with and maintain these models?
  9. S

    Mimaki jv33 printing issue

    I recently purchased a mimaki jv33 that does have some missing nozzles. My question is concerning what appears to be overspray or deflection in my prints. I wondered if anyone here can perhaps help. I’m posting my settings in flexi along with a picture of my print if I can
  10. S

    Mimaki jv33 Please Help

    i recently bought a used mimaki jv33-130 from a company called omnicapital online. They said it was a lease that was returned. Said it was in working condition and I asked if it had been shutdown properly before being shipped to them and they said yes. I got the machine and there is still ink in...
  11. S

    Used mimaki jv33-130 Improper shutdown before it was shipped

    i recently bought a used mimaki jv33-130 from a company called omnicapital online. They said it was a lease that was returned. Said it was in working condition and I asked if it had been shutdown properly before being shipped to them and they said yes. I got the machine and there is still ink...
  12. T

    dx5 head leaking through the metal part

    boa tarde, sou do brasil, portanto perdoem o meu inglês ruim. Estou com problemas a cerca de 1 ano, minhas cabeças de impressão dx5 estão estragando a cada 3 meses, o que acontece é que a parte de baixo da cabeça descola, e fica vazando tinta pelas laterais, só utilizo tinta original mimaki...
  13. B

    Need Help Mimaki UCJV-300 vs Epson 80600

    Hi all, we're looking for a new printer to replace our JV33 on 2x CMYK. After reading a lot en seeing a lot we came to the conclusion we go for the Epson 80600 because we're familair with eco-sol inks ...but our Mimaki dealer came back in interest with an proposal for the new UCJV300-160...
  14. A

    Mimaki Jv33-160 not printing one side of yellow

    Printer was printong normal, ink ran low on yellow so replaced cartridges. Lines had air, so I manually filled the dampers. Now dampers are full and when I do an ink fill the dampers fill and drain like the head is taking the ink. One channel prints come, the other prints nothing, but has shown...
  15. H

    Suggestions Maintaining Humidity

    Hello, I am looking for ideas on a humidification system for my Printing area. I have 2 JV33's and need to maintain a humidity lever between 48-55%. We have tried a small table top humidifer and it did not help. My office is small so we thought it would be a good option, however it did not...
  16. G

    Question Mimaki JV33 Y Motor

    Hello everyone! Recently I've changed the Y motor of my Mimaki JV33. All done, the printer works fine, details like belt tension and print result seems ok. Only one thing goes wrong, when the printer is not printing, and the carriage is stoped at the capping station, sometimes the motor starts...
  17. K

    Missing a Magenta

    Killing two birds with one stone, Intoduction and problem solving. Hi I'm Keelan, new to the site. Have seen it quite a few times when searching for problems so thought it would be worth while to join I have a JV33 bulk fed water based system. My left magenta stopped working. I have flushed...
  18. J

    For Sale Mimaki JV33 -160 64" Printer

    Mimaki JV33 -160 64" Printer. Pure solvent inks, 2x - CMYK. Good condition
  19. S

    Mimaki jv33 tech needed in northern Indiana?

    Looking for a tech that can work on a mimaki jv33. Located is south bend, Indiana. thank you
  20. A

    Need Help JV33 not switching inks after ink end

    I looked around in here and online but can't find someone with similar problem. We have a JV33 setup to 2xCMYK (marabu cartridges) and have be relatively trouble free for two years. Just recently we had an ink starvation in two colors and realized it was the inks not switching to new carts after...