1. J

    Good method for cutting (slitting) whole rolls/logs of vinyl?

    As everyone else has alread pointed out, there appears to be shortages on different types of vinyl across the board! And as such, I had to resort to buying a 60" roll of some vinyl that I needed to complete an important job. I bought a 60" roll with the intentions of cutting it in half and...
  2. H

    Question Printed decal on trailer side

    I would like to apply large decal with matching wording to a trailer side. The decal needs to be printed, I have multiple materials on hand and I am not sure which one is best for this install. I assumed a wrap material like orajet 3551ra but some of the forums I read are saying that's not a...
  3. J

    colored sign vinyl converted to rolls of tape/stripe.. need a source!

    As title suggests.. My customer orders large quantities of cut vinyl graphics from me in a few specific colors that they use to install onto equipment that they sell to end users. (They're a manufacturer). They approached me with a request for rolls of the same colors of vinyl, that they need...
  4. G


    We are trying to narrow down our vinyl for wall graphics to around 5-10 different types. We have mainly been using Orajet with Oraguard lams. We've had a couple failures with it and are wanting to try some other brands/types and narrow it down to what we like that way in the proposal stage our...
  5. D

    Need Help What type of vinyl for a floor wrap?

    Good evening all, I work for a growing sign company and have been researching floor wraps recently. I have a customer that has been asking me about floor wraps. I took a digital media class with The Wrap Institute and we experimented with floor wraps using a cheap calendar film. From what I was...
  6. Decal Deli

    Suggestions Where does everyone get their vinyl from?

    What suppliers do you use for acquiring vinyl? I'm new and trying to figure out how to get the best deal on 12" rolls. Currently buying 651 off amazon
  7. JHeard

    Suggestions Smooth Banner Material for Latex

    I've read through the threads, but wanted to see if anyone had a personal favorite for my scenario. I need: Latex printable Can be used in a retractable banner stand Smooth or very light texture Preferably matte Cuts clean (no loose fibers or strings when edges are cut) Blockout Writable (one...
  8. Stacey K

    Suggestions Replacing Outdoor Sign

    Hi Everyone, I have a request to replace an outdoor sign and I'm wondering what the best material to use is. I'm attaching a couple pics of the current one (I did not make the original sign). Seems to be some type of wood or something? Sign will be 48"x15" applied flat against wood above a...
  9. J

    Need Help looking Material .010 to .030 Clear matte/velvet finish

    Need help, I need a material that I can laser cut without having the yellowing effect. I need a film that is between .010 and .030 thick; it needs to be clear with a matte, velvet or frosted finish so that you can still see through it. We are currently using Grafix Dura-lar .020, and it works...
  10. F

    Stretched Canvas Material Brand Type "please show me the light at the end of the tunnel"

    Hello, My name is Franklin from Orlando, F.L. Thank you in advance to anyone who shares their thoughts and opinions with me. Working alone and not having anyone to bounce ideas with or anyone to get inspiration from can sometimes be dreadful. So yes! Thank you in advance! I'm using a L25500...
  11. D

    3M HIPS

    Anyone here ever cut high intensity material with their cutter? We have a Roland VS-540 that I am cutting everything with( HIPS, EC, vinyl, and engineering grade material). I have to cut 10" numbers for our marine day boards which I hate doing. I can get it to machine cut but then scoring them...
  12. T

    Need Help What to use for front windshield inside Parking decal ? material, ink , UV protection

    Hi I have an order for some "parking stickers" 100 - 200 pieces , or if its cheaper 500 pieces and I will keep the extras for a 2nd order that may never come ! they will in the direct sun and it would be nice if they lasted a couple years without fading away :) they will be inside of the...
  13. shepherddesigns

    1 Mil Printable Vinyl Suggestions?

    So, quick background. I've been making small cut decals using Oracal 751. I really like how thin and weedable the material is. I often make customized window decals with letters around 1" tall. I have a HP L315 and have been playing around with a 3M IJ180 / 8518 combination and really do not...
  14. D

    3M IJ180mC-120

    This is probably a stupid question but does anyone know any suppliers that sell the new 3M IJ180mC-120 in small amounts, like 5-10 yds? I have a customer that is adamant that he wants this material for his truck but I can't see buying a roll just for one job. Thanks, Rich
  15. D

    Suggestions 3M Thermal Transfer Imaging Films

    Hello, I have owned a Summa DC3 printer/cutter for several years now and have always bought the vinyl from them. I am looking for another supplier/vendor that may sell the same material or something similiar at maybe a cheaper price. I am currently using their 3M Premium White Vinyl roll of...
  16. Vinyldog

    American made Banner material?

    Is there a printable banner material to be had that is mfg here in the USA?
  17. Vinyldog

    A tight fit is good but . . .

    What size sledge-hammer is generally recommended to drive HP media handling spindles into the core of Grimco's Forward-13 Banner material?
  18. G

    Question Advice on Nomadic display

    A customer come to the shop with a Nomadic display is the first time i saw this kind of display. It's a velcro flet pannel. Anyone know witch kind of material i can use to make design to it . Thank's
  19. A

    Wrapping textured parts

    Best material for wrapping textured flairs and textured items on vehicles?
  20. P

    Gemini Sign Material

    We've used and still use Gemini Signs for a lot of cast metal letters, plastic letters etc. They have access to some materials I've never seen from another vendor like brushed aluminum laminated to an acrylic substrate or foam substrate like Ultraboard. They also have a huge amount of metal...