3 year old sign man

We were working on our latest project and David had to get involved in the mix. Of course I think it is very cute.....


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At least he isn't considered a newbie while being an apprentice like this..........

Nice shot !!


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When my granddaughter used to run the shop - and believe me, at age 4 she thought she ran the shop - she always wanted to weed but knew she wasn't allowed to touch the knives, so she'd use a stick pen to weed with... oughta let him try that out then when he's old enough to use the knife - waalaa - experienced labor :smile:


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3! They start that young! Ayden got another year to go and i'll have a helper too!

Must be fun!


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my four year old daughter was ecstatic last week when i let her help me wrap my phone (so it matched my ipod)....all she did was hold the hair dryer, but she was very proud of herself

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Reminds me of my 3 kids growing up in the shop. I kept them with me since their Mom is a teacher. Thanks for the memory. BTW... the years fly by waaaay too fast. My baby is now 19.