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Hi everyone, i just wanted to introduce my self to the forum!

ABI Digital Solutions is a full service digital graphics company with an emphasis on larger graphics. I like to tell people that we are capable of producing anything that is larger than a brochure including billboards, vehicle wraps, banners, window graphics, wall murals, point of purchase signs and much more.

Looking forward to contributing to your discussions!

Damon Henrichs
Marketing Manager
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Welcome to the forums from Pa. (OlllllO)

If you want to advertise your business you need to be a Merchant Member, read and follow the rules.


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Welcome from PA..........................

Quick question for you.... How is it that you are allowed to have Dairy Queen logo on your site ??

I was told there is only ONE company that is allowed to do that. There were two, but the one went out of business recently.


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smdgrfx, we had ti yesterday! Cuatro de Mayo! It's better than Cinco de Mayo because it's a day earlier . . ..

Of course, I spent most of CINCO de Mayo feeling a little hungover . . .



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Hey Damon welcome to S101. I'll actually be at your shop in the morning to hopefully resolve a nightmare project we're having trouble with.