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Haven't really posted much but I have been watching and reading for awhile. Figured I would post something up, this is my company logo. I'm a 19 year old from New Jersey and just started my business in the last few months but was working for a guy since I was 16! Always been interested in the business.

Coroplast...cut out by hand and all layered vinyl! Coroplast is painted black.

Figured I would make something to hang up inside the door so customers know what we can make!

What do you think?


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That is how I used to roll when I was 16...back in 1988. Great way to start. Cutting by hand you learn alot more than just sending it to a plotter.


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Actually looks pretty good! Design is everything, and materials will always be secondary. Keep on learning, great start.


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It's a shame to just use coro on this.
Next time try PVC.
I like to cut stuff by hand too and paint it.


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Very nice - as Jill mentioned, maybe try the next one in PVC. A little more expensive of a project, but it will give you some experience w/ another substrate. It will also put some material in your inventory - so after you work through your mistakes on your own sign and perfect your techniques, you can sell one to the first person who comments on it!

Keep it up -



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:thumb: Nice work.... nice approach and nice execution. You'll go far around here.... and in your own business.
Keep up the good work !!

Craig Sjoquist

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This is a good design for your logo will be able to see on most colors well, likes the Designs word over the DEVO shows dimension.

On the note of PVC yes this and others you do will make great showroom samples as you progress such as Coro..PVC.. MDO.. Alumlite.. sand blasted.. carved..routed HDO and any other way you can think of and able to do. GO FOR IT knows sure wish I would have started in my teens just didn't listen to myself.