Dragon Fly & Lady Bug

You are probably getting sick of me posting my signs by now, I find this site addictive am I the only one?
Anyhow here is a smaller sign 20" x 24" Cottage sign, this one I used a little sculpt to make a couple of the elements I think they turned out OK,


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Thank you

Thanks for all the kind notes again,
SkyHigh, the wood look is done with wire brushes and starts with a black wash to get into the deeper cuts and then multiple glazes of colours, and then a very light brush over with white or off white to pick up on the top surface to give the final depth I am looking for.


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:thumb: Don't stop posting. It's always a pleasure looking forward to your threads. It's rare to see such quality posted anymore.

sar bossier

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You do AMAZING work, and have every right to be proud and boast here. I enjoy the awe inspiring experience of looking at the incredible work you post. Please post more, and often.


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i had to look at your website too to check out your work! I love what you do! Is everything really hand carved? No cnc router?
Yes slapkiss everything we do is all hand cut, textured, carved we have a lot of hand tools, odd ones and hand made, we have just the very basic woodworking tools in our shop, It takes time and we love it :)