First Setback is History now...

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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This time a week ago I was back in the hospital. I had gotten home at around 5pm the day before and was thinking the events of surgery #17 were behind me now. At a little after 1am I began vomiting violently and had excruciating abdominal pain. I immediately knew I had an intestinal blockage from the vast amount of adhesion scar tissue I produce. By 5am I was back in the ER in Dallas. After some extensive digging at my shoddy veins an iv was connected and I settled in convinced I was headed for emergency surgery to resect a bowel at the obstruction site. My surgeon opted instead for a nasal/gastric tube to suction my stomach and alleviate pressure on my intestines. I spent the next three days wretching and in constant pain the morphine barely touched. Everything slowly began to resolve and food was gradually introduced. Finally, yesterday I was allowed to return home again. I made it thru last night, enjoying the comfort of my TempurPedic mattress.

I still have constant abdominal pain, but I'll take it over the pain of another surgery any day. My surgeon had already retired to his ranch in west Texas before I was dismissed. The surgeon I spoke with before being released said that with all the work my surgeon had done to me, she wouldn't be surprised if I had pain for up to six weeks. It's okay though as I have an ample supply of narcotics on hand with two refills.

I am mentally exhausted and on edge over the constant possibility of another obstruction... but I somehow feel that isn't going to happen and I'm headed for numerous seasons of normalcy instead. Don't ask me where that optimism comes from as I have no idea. I just believe the universe is going to cut me a big break finally.

It is my cherished goal to stop being this ongoing crisis with nothing but horrid news to report. At least I no longer have those vile draining holes in my belly. I also no longer have any remnants of a belly button left. I've decided on a tattoo to replace my belly button. It's going to be Stewie Griffin stretching his way out of a hole in the center of my belly. I've got a great cartoon artist I am hoping to be able to persuade to create the artwork for me. I have something whimsical to look forward to to replace all the dark thoughts and fears of the past few months. Can't wait to be able to post a pic of my new belly once it's all done!


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praying for your seasons of normalcy!!

(and looking forward to seeing your tat design)


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Sounds like your head is in the right place.
Here's to hoping that your body will soon follow in line.

wayne k
guam usa


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Arlo I remember when in the hospital and on pain meds I got a Senekot with every pain pill.
I'm glad you can eat, are you able to eat things which will keep you going so to speak?
That had to hurt.
Good for you for wanting a tat where your BB was.
I've seen pix of women who have undergone double mastectomies, who get beautiful tattoos where their tatas used to be.

Dave Drane

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Arlo, it upsets me to read your post. I am so sorry for what you have been through and still going through. You are a very positive person and you do have a wonderful family to help pull you through. I am just happy to be able to say that I am one of the lucky people to have met you.
Keep your chin up and get well soon.


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Oh my Arlo, what a rough ride you have had, I will continue to pray for you & wish you better days ahead, hang in there!