Got my "personalized" steeler tshirt today


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brian from vinyl signs here did this. i luv it. john deaton did artwork on back, i got some great freinds....... take a look. iam fellin really great, clowning for the camera, and an XL t-shirt fits perfect with the loss of 45 pounds!!!!!!!!!


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old man, you look good in that shirt. i hope you feel as good as you look brother. enjoy the bowl!


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Lookin' goodddddddd....................

Are you really clowning for the camera or are you just letting out some inner body feelings...... 'Metro-Man'.................. ?? :rolleyes:


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OP you look 20 years younger than the last time I saw you.
Now please bid adieu to the mullet, you would look so distinguished with short hair.
Nice to have them do this shirt for you and praise God no speedo in the pix.


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the speedo pic is in your email))))))))))))))))))
as for short hair...................never gona happen)))))))))))))))


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Good luck Sunday bro...

great shirt, great outlook...
great fortune to you well beyond Sunday!


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3 haircuts, one head. Classic Mullet. Only a rare few dare to keep the species from utter demise.


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Here ya go.......... OP with his short hair during his early service days.........
OP early hair cut.jpg

.and see, he's dancing with another soldier................... don't tell.......


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no gino here i am in 1966, in the service, with my 65 plymouth, with short hair...... then in 1975 with my afro)))))


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Deaton Design

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I met OP years ago on another board, and we became friends right off. We came from simular backgrounds, growing up wise, and Ive always respected Joe for his love of life, his outlook, and standing up for himself and what he believes in. Joe gets alot of guff from people, but almost all of it is good natured and laughing with him, not at him. I can tell I'm not the only one here that thinks that way. Good friends is what its all about.