Greetings Earthlings


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Long time listener, first time caller (2nd actually).
Working off and on for the McDonalds of the sign industry for about 7 or 8 years. Got started in the field because i thought i would enjoy the hands on labor and fabrication while still being able to be creative.
Didn't realize that placing stickers on various rectangular substrates and digging post holes in the heat of the summer were what i was actually in for. Yeee-haw!
All in all though i do enjoy the work, especially when the random curveballs come flying in.
Thanks for having me on your radio program,

Whats the McDonalds of the Sign Industry?
Is that saying your the biggest or the one that screws up just about every order... because if your McDonalds then from the week I two weeks ago I'm Burger King.


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Not the biggest and we don't screw too much up (that would reflect poorly on me, and even though it can be rather monotonous, i still take some kind of pride in my work and prefer to not let bad work exit the shop);
More McDonalds in the sense that it's freakin everywhere, it's a franchise, and its more of an assembly line fry cook mass production type of meal as opposed to well crafted master chef made meals.
Not a bad thing, if you need quick turnaround...
but not much flavor.

Red Ball

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Welcome from the Kingdom of Texas!

I like old radio programs. Gunsmoke, Inner Sanctum, The Wierd Circle, Frontier Gentleman...

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Welcome from Utah!

If you ever need anything computer related (or just have questions of that nature), hit me up!