Happy 2011


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Just watched the fireworks in Sydney on the news... so the New Year is rolling in! Happy New Year to all of my Signs 101 family. May it bring you customers who don't questions your price, vinyl that weeds easily, installations that take less time then quoted and clients who listen to your designers.

Oh yeah... peace and prosperity too :loveya:


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Yup well said.
May I add:
Sweet dreams to all of our 101 insomniacs
May Algerian, Brush Script, Abbadon, and Balloon Bold magically disappear from all computers
May nobody shart or be shartled
No hangovers to our 101 drinkers
May all Cricuts self destruct
May nobody squish, stretch, or otherwise torture their typestyles
Good health and prosperity to all but the lowballers
May all black drop shadows fade to gray
and good kerning to all in 2011!
(and no more eyeglasses made out of the date for those in Times Square)

Dave Drane

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Thanks Stacy, and to Jill for the laugh, and may it be a great new year for everyone. My promise to myself is for me and the wife go to Las Vegas in April for the ISA show. hope to meet some 101'ers there.

"Deposit Please"

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Happy New Year!!!! May 2011 be a great year for everyone.


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