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hi from the cold Northeast


New Member
Hi Everyone!
Great site!
I am in Massachsetts about 10 miles from Boston.
I learned signpainting in 1986 at Butera School of Art.
I opened shop in 1993.
I still hand letter carved signs :smile: but mostly do vinyl now.
I love the designing aspect of the biz, wraps, vehicles and three dimesional signs.
You can check out my site www.lexsigns.com
This is a great place for input and advise. I hope I can be helpfull too!


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Forgot to turn the upstairs thermostat on last night, it's been so warm we have not needed the upstairs furnace on. Way windy all night, woke up this AM it was 49° in the hallway, 17° outside. DOH!!!!


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Hi there! You sound like you're pretty close to me. I was cold this morning! My car said the outside temp was -14. I'm running a space heater to keep my feet from freezing. Welcome to the site.

Richard Flint

New Member
Hello to you from another "old school" signwriter from South Central Mass.
Judging from your website, looks like they taught you well at Butera.
Best of luck and welcome aboard to.....:signs101: