I lost My sweetheart on Valentines day


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Yesterday we had to put our sweet Maggie Mae to sleep. She was the "perfect" dog! We had her just a few months shy of 15 years, but as many older dogs get, she started having too many ailments & finally could barely walk so we had to let her go. She was 35 pounds of pure beauty & joy for us. These pets sure know how to get into your heart. I hope everyone's Valentines day was better than mine.


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so sorry to hear you lost your pal. our critters bring so much joy into our lives and it is sad that they are only here for a few years.

Fred Weiss

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It has been several years now since we had the same experience. I still think of her everyday. My complete sympathy goes out to you.


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I really sympathize, I prefer my dogs company to most anyone.
I lost "Molly" 6 months ago and just adopted a new "old" dog.
It feels good to give an old girl a home and have some canine company again.


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Thanks a bunch folks, It means a lot to me, here is the complete pic, I cropped for Maggie's picture, here she is with my daughter who is now 18 years old, I threw a blanket on the table next to the flower gift thingy one Christmas, we were on our way to Christmas eve party & I snapped this because my "girls" looked so cute, we now have another dog we got about 3 months ago, he is helping take the sting out.


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Sweet picture.Sorry to hear of your loss.They are part of the family our k9 friends.


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My wife and I have no children yet, our dogs are our family - I can't imagine how hard it's going to be if they don't live forever. They are always there to cheer me up at the end of a long day.

I feel for you!


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Sorry to hear about your loss. I think allot of my 16 year old cat that passed away last summer. Miss him still ...


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Very sorry to hear about Maggie Mae.
It's true, pets steal a chunk of your heart.
All they have to give is love, they don't judge, they are there when you feel blue and it only takes a second of your time to make them happy.

Stealth Ryder

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I am truly sorry for your loss, my sympathy to you and your family... I have had my pet for only 10 weeks now but would be devastated if I lost her, below is a pic of my new baby... RIP Maggie Mae...


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Craig Sjoquist

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Well I'm on my 5th German Shepard and this one is the best he is now mid aged I trained him to cross streets safely and follow my directions I would be devastated if something would happen, you remember and love your dogs like your only child, they are a blessing to us all, you will smile each and every minute as you remember.


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