Looking for some critiques on some Vehicle wrap design


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it's nice but i'd like to see a little less symmetry. like the red bull circle could launch across the hood 1/3 of the way. modern...good. but predictable.

also the dc and rockstar branding is too small. clients are in love with the brand, not the car. make the car scream the brand not whisper it.


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They look good, Im not fond of the middle one, the white sideways drips.... I dunno, anything in the design that seems to rely on being level with body lines...ie if it slants its noticable, always throws off a project if its not perfectly applied.

Overall they look great


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nicely done, how do you intend on accomplishing the color matched wheel accents and calipers? vinyl on the wheels? or an exta grand to have the painted? I'd think vinyl on wheels would be pretty succeptable to rock chips and the like.