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New in Battle Creek, MI


New Member
Greetings! I'm Jason and I am fairly new to the sign industry. I have been in Graphic Design for over 13 years but just recently began making signs. I started with my first sign venture in 2004 which went no where. After 6 months of frustration and throwing good money after bad, I sold all my equipment, took a break and actually studied the biz and did some research. Then I formed a business model and got down to brass tacks. I opened my new shop in January and business ROCKS! I have a very humble shop in my basement and Garage for the time being. (Please, refrain from calling me a garage dwelling sticker maker! lol)
I have a wealth of design experience, a good understanding of the principles of vinyl signage and I'm learning more every day.

Gordy Saunders

New Member
Hey, welcome aboard. I started out just a little north of you in Grand Rapids in 1971. I didn't know squat except that people were willing to pay more for letters than they were for pictures, so I started painting A's and B's. Stick with it. It's fun.