New site for HVAC contractor

Dan Antonelli

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This client in CA was such a pleasure to deal with, and gave us creative license to do whatever we wanted. After handling their branding, we did their truck design, stationery and now their web site. I love this retro genre!


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i wish i had uour smarts,your designs ,idears,customer services,are worth twice their weight in gold i hope some day to afford your are so helpfull to prople here and your advice is so appreciated.tyvm

Craig Sjoquist

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Outstanding, knew it would be but this is by far the best I've seen.
I want mine to look like that do I ever have a lot of work and study to do.
Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.


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Dan, that's a great looking site!
(Gallery pics took forever to load for me for some reason though)
Nice work, love the retro look...


I love the retro look! great as always Dan! I bet these guys stand out from the other HVAC guys in their area. most of those compaines (my hubby works for one) have the half sun half snow icon or something else that's really lame and they all tend to blend in together. nice way to make a company stand out in a crowd.


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Wow..... I really like that one. Those star bursts are so frickin' neat I could..... well it's neat !!

The 'YES' on the front page is so :cool1:

See.... some ideas never go out of style !!

:thumb: :thumb:

Dan Antonelli

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Thanks again to all. This client has experienced such an uptick in name recognition since we did the branding and designs for the trucks, that even they can't believe it. From the people to stopping them at traffic lights for business cards, to phone calls from the neighbors while the van is parked on a job, I think they're surprised that a new brand could have such an impact.

I'm finishing their case study profile on our site today, and then I'll post a link to that so you can check out some of the other fun stuff we did.

Always a pleasure working for clients who let you run with an idea.


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Nice site, a lot of Meta tags for the SEO, (has me googling a couple of them).
I also like the hidden service area section.

I'm taking notes!

Dan Antonelli

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Yeh you won't find him on Google yet. Waiting for site still to be indexed. Google's lag time is anywhere from a day to three weeks unfortunately. They've had a coming soon for a bit, but I don't even think Google has had that page indexed.

Nonetheless, I'm confident they are going to kick butt when Google decides to index them. Somewhat small service area as well, less competitive and the guys on top now are not at all optimized.



Another great site built. I'm a big fan of your company's design work. Top notch for sure! You have me tempted for me to have you build my own site ;) money is kinda tight right now