new to it all


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I race in the northeast pa and have designed and painted my own cars for years. and decided to buy a vinyl machine and take a stab at it!!! aint got a clue to what i am doing! Any tips or secrets eould be very helpful!!


Have a lot of patience and practice. It's not a bad as it is made out to be. What machine and what program are you using? You will find a lot of valuable information on this site and everyone here will give you sound advise and tips to help you get started. Welcome aboard and look forward to communicating with you in the future!!!!



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Welcome from BC.
There is a search function here to dig into specific problems you may be having.


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Another welcome from PA.............

Kinda like racing.... gotta learn the basics about driving before you go out onto a track and kill others for a living.... so learn the basics here and you should do just fine :thumb:


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Thanks guys I live in hallstead about 2 miles south of the NY border. Ive had my hand in all types of racing IMCA, purestock and some Mods. I bought the cheapest system I could just in case things dont work out.

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welcome to a outstanding forum n ppl
may I suggest reading..... Mike Stevens ..mastering layout ... you do that you've done more then most start ups

wraps r kewl