PhatWall's final logo


What’s everyone’s thoughts on my final logo design? I have spent a whole lot of time making it right.


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Right in your eyes...

but what does it mean? Have a look at Mc Donalds, Walmart, Costco, Nike, Dunlop, XBox.

Not saying "Phat Wall" is going to be up with them... but there is a reason they are simple. Yours is complicated which rings bells immediately.

Re think. Less is more.... ever heard that? There is a reason.

Cheers - G


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Way to much artificial detail . . . Go with the less is more idea.

Look at the Harley Davidson logo and see what I mean !


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Take off every special effect you have on it
(yes I know that took time)
Render it in plain black and white.
You'll see that the P and W look really stretched/smashed.
What is PhatWall?
Would anyone but you know?
Is it designs? Signs? Graphics?
It doesn't tell us anything but is killing itself trying to.

Craig Sjoquist

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Looks great as a clothing label, likes the design, has that hip look about it.

But as a logo for advertising designer / maker.. take off the wings add signs /graphics under it an it would be fine.


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What they said. Plus if you do choose to use this... you need to smooth out your cutout of the crown and the white specks in the side thingys look like dirt not grunge (if that was what you were trying for) The thing that should be the easiest to read (the name Phat Wall) is the littlest thing on there and you've got it so beveled that you've lost the lines of the a's.

Time to rethink this one...


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what do wings have to do with what you do?
What do you do?
What does phatwall do?

Why are epople coming up with these names?
pigfish,, inkfish
phatwall, phinkywinky, punkazz, phunkygash etc..

How about this one,, phunkyfish ,, the name a children photographer.


My logo is actually a shield of honor. Here is what it looks like flat as a vector.


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Flat, bevelized, makes little difference. Not working and won't work with what you have. Need to start fresh and begin with sound design principles. Special effects will not carry a bad design, but a strong design will carry lame effects.

Dave Drane

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i can never understand why the new logos have to have so many effects. I ask my customers how the logo will bo when some embroidery may be required? "Doh!! I didn't think of that"


Font Sage
As mentioned try doing it in black and white or even grays
Try using a Sans font
Avoid stretching you type

I would maybe keep the (PW) together more maybe throw your name above it
and draw some sort of ribbon or scroll stating what you do below


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"Deposit Please"

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That does look much better. Banner with Badge gives it balance & easy to read. Knock'n out all that overkill bevel helped. I'm still not sure of the wings, still looks messy


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When you say "my final logo design" does this mean you are considering a change of career or just done with this logo?

There have been some solid suggestions given here I'd like to see if you have given them a try and what you might think of them.

wayne k
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