Possibly greatest elec. guitar solo ever? PRINCE!

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A friend of mine who is a successful Nashville songwriter and blues performer in his own right named Randy Handley recently posted this on Facebook. He said it demonstrates Prince's often overlooked genius. The solo comes at the end of the song but I can't stress enough the wait is WELL WORTH IT!!!


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I think Prince's guitar prowess is often overlooked because of his "flakeyness" but I have always thought of him as one of the underrated greats on the electric.
Good post. Never saw that one before.

As for greatest guitar solo. You opened up a can of worms my friend...
Say what you will. Thousands of cleuless screaming girls still can't overshadow this guys pure talent
Starts at 2:45 for those who have real work to do.

As for recorded solo.
My Canadian friends will know these guys..


Arlo Kalon 2.0

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As for greatest guitar solo. You opened up a can of worms my friend...

That was the title my friend gave to his FB post with this video - not my words. I will admit tho watching this gets my adrenaline pumping. I get pissed to see Prince toss that wonderful Telecaster in the air at the end.


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Tooo Many

To many to pick, but here is one of my favorites. Caught the show a few weeks ago in Vegas.


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Gotta love Joe! Have seen him as a solo many, many times. Extremely nice guy to hang out and chat with as well. No rock god ego to him at all.


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Had the pleasure of hanging with the G3 guys back in the day. Kenny, Satch, and Vai. Must say that Joe is the most amazing person I have ever met (and I have met quite a few rock stars in my day)


The late Fusion Jazz guitarist John Dougerty from Wilmington, Del was known as one of the fastest guitarist during the 70s. He invented the stone pick. He played with James Brown, George Benson, Kool and the Gang (he helped write 'Celebration'), Jack McDuff, and Pat Martino. I heard him at Slades on Tremont in Boston when he put together a trio featuring Walter Radcliffe on B3 and Don McBride on drums. He hired me to make his banner. RIP JD


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I've always thought Prince was underrated as a guitarist. Love some of the guitar work/solos on earlier stuff like "Purple Rain", "Beautiful Ones" and "Let's Go Crazy."


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While Prince is a very good guitar player, I think his 'Showmanship' greatly outweighs his ability. Not taking away from that solo... or other solos, but much of this is in the presentation and his confidence.

Carlos.... is one of the best..................... Carlos Santana. Now that man breathes through his guitar. He's actually in it.


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I saw prince live a few months ago. Although I was a fan years ago, he wasn't on my radar for many years and going to the show I forgot how great his musical ability really is.

Say what you want, that boy is frickin Funky! Backed by legendary sax placer Maceo Parker it made for a killer show. To many he may seem underrated, but I think those in the know realize what an outstanding, all around musician he is.