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Sad news, read about Bob Stephens (Sign Maniac) in the newest Signcraft


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I just got the newest issue of Sign Craft and saw that Bob Stephens ( Sign Maniac) passed away. At only 63, he is too young to go... RIP, Bob, you will be missed.


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Oh my.

R.I.P. Bob.

I still remember that Cor-X airplane he built and flew around. He was one of a kind. He'll be missed. I'll miss our phone conversations most of all.


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Seemed like a guy who really enjoyed living his life. Condolences to his family & friends.

wayne k
guam usa


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Wow! Bob was indeed one of kind. He shared his knowledge freely and I feel blessed to have gotten to know him through S101 and our phone conversations. I will truly miss him.
Rest In Peace brother Bob "Sign Maniac" Stephens.:(


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Tragic loss, one of the many on here I respected and admired - wanted and still trying to gain the talent and knowledge he had...


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Wow. I'm so sorry to hear that. Bob was so talented and such a unique individual. He did some specialty routing for us, so I had the pleasure of meeting him in person. Definitely a loss to the sign world. RIP Bob


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Wow, that is sad news. Super talented guy. He was one of the designers I admired when I first started out in the business.


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Hope the admins don't mind the links.

And this one that I printed out many years ago and read once in a while. We lost a great one here.

Thanks for that link David. The best part of that, and I'm cutting and pasting it here:

"I know I come on a little strong when it comes to pricing sign work, but I've paid a heavy price in these last twenty two years and I refuse to let the customer dictate what my skills are worth. It upsets me to see talented sign artists just getting by when I know they could get so much more for their efforts.

Bob Stephens"


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I read this last night and all I could say was wow.

It still is a shock this morning.

I never met him, but I can't think of anyone I've ever read on signs101 that I respected more than him.

RIP, he will be missed...


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True inspiration, especially when you consider it's been quite a while since he posted any of his work here. But it's nice that he was inspired too. He mentioned Brian - SignasourusRex who was an inspiration to him when he picked up his brushes again, as well as Joe and Dan... RIP Bob, I'm hoping the margaritas are flowing and the tools are sharp - where ever you are...