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Hi all... I'm back home after five months in a little hell hole hospital they referred to as a rehab facility. My surgery took place at the big new hospital next door, but as soon as it was evident the surgery had created a chronic problem I was shipped next door.The short, palatable version is that there was a fistula also in the hernia. Surgeons can't do anything with fistulas because there's no way to know how far back into a bowel they extend. So, ya get a drain bag hooked up to it and become an intestinal bile factory. The idea is to starve it into drying up. To that end, neither food nor water has crossed my lips since July 14th. I'm hooked up to a bag of iv nutrition 24/7. I'm missing all the holiday meals and even my one cup of coffee in the morning. How long this will last is a total unknown. You measure the output into the bag each time you dump it. In two months I've gone from an average of 800 down to 2-300. So there's hope the fistula is closing up and I can return to work soon. They already had to replace me but the guy they ended up with is a flake who only comes in 3 or 4 days a week and doesn't work a full shift. My job is still waiting.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who sent cards - I had more by far on my wall than any other patient in the whole facility. I've included one from S'Rex. It was the one people went to the most, including SteveC. I find it interesting that a hand lettered card beat out all the expensive printed ones. I don't know how often i'll be on here for awhile. I tend to lay in bed a lot with the narcotic load they have one me. It IS great to be here again though!


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Good to hear from you Arlo.
I hope everything goes well and you can get back to eating soon

Happy Holidays... :Canada 2:


get well

Welcome back Arlo. Missed your posts. And always was checking in on you.
From a nobody in Canada. leo
Keep your head's up and get well soon

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Man, no doubt you have been through more than most will ever think about going through.
I hope everything heals up and you are able to get back to eating and drinking and enjoying yourself every day. Keep doing what they say and get healed Arlo. We all missed you.


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Welcome back Arlo. It's good to hear you are making headway in your recovery, albeit is good news! Keep your chin up and a positive attitude! :thumb:


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it is so great to see you back!!!! it sounds like pure hell and I sure hope the New Year brings you some relief from all of this.