Trailer Wrap gone Bad!!!

Double Diamond

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We did a wrap on a cargo trailer about a month ago. We used the regular oracal vinyl since all the areas were flat. We decided to remove the screws and put them back in over the vinyl, rather than heat and wrap the rivets. This sped up the install and went very well. It looked great and the customer was very satisfied. He is now battling with the trailer manufacturer who are denying him his warranty. Before he brought it to me he had it scheduled to have a roof leak fixed. I am now in the middle of this issue. They say removing the screws voids the warranty. They also say the 3 little ones I added to suck down the aluminum on a seam caused the whole side of the trailer to buckle. None of this became apparent until he went to pick up his trailer. He sais they must have done something while fixing the roof because this is all new defects.
Has anyone had a similiar issue? Was it a bad idea to remove the screws? We were able to put each one back in the same exact hole. The manufacture backed off that, but insists the adding of 3 screws voids the warranty. I think I'm about to get screwed!
Any input is appreciated. I am thinking of getting legal advice, but this hasn't played out yet.
Thanks, Joe

James Burke

Being a grandpa is more fun than working your'e the one being screwed.

R&R of screws can not cause this problem if you do a few at a time and replace them as you go. It looks like the mfg. is looking for an easy out. Removing all the screws from one side at once, however, poses another problem.

Have your customer check the writing (...yes the WRITING) in his warranty to see if the mfg. is really telling the truth or not.


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If the roof leak had already been inspected and was scheduled to be repaired I don't see how the warranty on that could possibly be voided.
For the others those three screws must have been some damn big screws to void the warranty. Liability is probably gonna come down to a matter of who buys the best lawyer.

Don't remove the screws.


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I haven't ever removed more than a few on the total trailer or vehicle to do the job...but I did take quite a few out of a school bus once, and then put them back in, and no problems. Sounds fishy to me. I know that those aren't holding a ton of responsibility individually...but I suppose removing them ALL on one side could cause some issues.


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Was the issue already existing before you did your work? Was it documented with the trailer mfg?


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adding screws to modify the trailer might be the only thing that will screw ya... As you're a sign guy... Not an auto tech. Your client may be coming after you for repair costs, which he'll win. Lawyer or not, try to settle without one if it comes to that point and save yourself lawyer fees and time away from the shop sitting in court.


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Ya know, if you take a motor apart and rebuild it, you DO realize that when putting the bolts and things back in place there is a specific order in which they go back in and also a specific torque being applied to each screw. Usually bolts are hand tightened until snug and then using the 1/4 turn method you must put the screws back in the special order required.

This could very well be the part you didn't do which might be seen as negligence and the integrity of those screws along with their strength have been compromised using your method.
Yep, because rebuilding motor = replacing a few screws in an aluminum trailer. If you read the OP's post, even the manufacturer has conceded that removing and replacing the screws was not the problem.

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If the roof leaked and 3 screws were necessary to get a seam closed ... it means very sloppy assembly. If you can document that, you have a defense.


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Ya know, I'd take a good, hard look at what's wrong with the trailer personally. If it looks like something I screwed up, I'd fix it. Period.

If it looks like it's totally unrelated, I'd talk directly to the mfg.


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I'd explain to the manufacturer that the screws were remove for THEIR benefit... you knew there was a warranty fault with the bodywork.... you took out the screws instead of wrapping over them precisely because you knew the manufacturer might have to remove body panels to fix their original c0ck up.

Point out that removing wrapped over screws would have destroyed your wrap and the manufacturer would have been liable for the redo costs.... by taking out the screws you've done the manufacturer a HUGE favour.

I'd also query which sneaky b@stard crept in and wrapped the roof without telling you.... the roof leaks and you ain't wrapped it!!!

Craig Sjoquist

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Mfg. found a easy out your screwed if you can not prove otherwise, you did not cause damage unless you removed screws and braces, but Mfg. got you over the barrel on this,
only remove a few at a time as you go, if under warranty I probably would not remove any because of this problem now ...thank you


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They also say the 3 little ones I added to suck down the aluminum on a seam caused the whole side of the trailer to buckle.

You added three screws???????? Why? Doing that makes you liable for sure! We wrap trailers for a trailer manufacturer, they have NO problem with us removing screws, as long as we put them back...and don't add any!!!


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You added three screws???????? Why? Doing that makes you liable for sure! We wrap trailers for a trailer manufacturer, they have NO problem with us removing screws, as long as we put them back...and don't add any!!!

This is why I couldn't figure out why everyone was saying it wasn't his fault.. he ADDED more screws/holes when they shouldn't have been there. Of course it's going to void the warranty.

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I haven't heard much lately about the trailer. My customer is the designer of the wrap, so she is dealing with the customer directly. I informed her she has no responsibility and that I will handle this if it comes to that. Last she said was that he has been less concerned with the small waves in the sides and is convinced it's normal. The trailer guys have fixed the roof and he seems to be satisfied for now.
I think I will avoid removing the screws from now on though. It's a tough call because it actually worked just fine and looks even better than wrapping around the screws. Check out the photo.:U Rock:
I appreciate the feedback guys... Onward and upward.
Thanks, Joe


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depending on the trailer manufacture, all his warranty matters should be on his certificate of origin. Here is a copy of one of ours from the trailer line we sell just so you get familiar with the warranty statement on cargo trailers. The other thing to consider, is this the dealer or the manufacture telling him his warranty is void now? If it's the dealer, then get ahold of the manufacturer.
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