What Color To Paint My Shop


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I have a 750-850 sf shop, and would like to know what color is the best to paint the shop, other than WHITE. I'm tired of having it white. It not only gets dirty quickly, but it does not represent much creativeness to me. Maybe a couple walls one color, and another color to accent it on the other wall... Not sure. any ideas and or pics of your shop colors?



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No pics,, but I did a "terra cotta" color with some walls "vanilla" with duranodic & red accents

Jim Doggett

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White or off-white. Reflects light well, and is easy to touch up or repair; but in the design area, a nice light or medium gray is best since it won't reflect light onto the monitor(s).

That's the practical answer :^)

Aesthetically speaking? It's easier to answer 'what's the best flavor of ice cream?' Rocky Road. Fact, not opinion. End of discussion.



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mine is a metal building, i built. before i started insulation and sheeting, i got an airless sprayer, and 10 gal of white exterior latex.........and sprayed all the "red" steel!!!!! now i have white steel, white insulation.........just a 16 ft tall.........well lighted work area. stuff to be painted, like doors or you can hang stuff to give a personal feel. i got a rear set of metal doors, 6 ft x 7 ft, that mike boone, judy pate, r.t. and one shot painted for me.......i want to paint a GULF OIL logo on the 8 ft x 8ft roll up, the 10 ft x 12ft, std garge door has 2 ft panels that i can add "sign panels" to. someone gave me a 2ftx3 ft JEEP POSTER...IN A FRAME....stuff like that will make it "yours"!!!


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Cover the walls with copy's of your work in various designs. Use the space for your advantage. Show your customers your various talents, You will not beat the advertising price. "Oh, I didn't know you did banners and magnets too."


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black, with red & yellow wave-like swooshies... or I know... ask ProWraps what color his shop is!


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I left mine natural sheet rock and covered all the walls with digital prints of nearly naked women and exotic prints so as to keep with the green trend and reduce my carbon footprint.


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I was thinking of maybe a color that reflects from my logo... Than laying copy of work, or doing graphic design and sticking it onto the wall from prints. maybe 3x4 all the way around. I wanted it changeable though so that we can run promotions.


I painted my walls a terra-cotta color and the knee walls a light green. Looks great with the bamboo floor.
I only have my phone so the full shop pic didnt show the colors too well, so heres the corner by my desk.