What do you think?

how do you think these look?


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Really, I enjoy both color schemes. Kinda feels like the fishermen are about to start fencing each other... maybe have them face away from each other?


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is the a logo or a sign?
it looks a bit elongated to me, unless it's done to fit a particular size.

a couple of thoughts... the two tone in Richardson's is too harsh a divide. i think a soft gradient would look nicer. and maybe make the blend follow the same arch as the graphic below. although it won't be as obvious once it's a soft gradient.

the font choice is okay, but i'd keep that stylized font just for the name... it's too much on all three lines and difficult to read in the smaller size.


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The colors are too dark for my taste. According to how this is going to be used, most of the lettering won't show that well. Like GG mentioned there's too much ornate copy being used and it's hard on the eyes.


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Kinda reminds me of Fredo getting whacked in The Godfather II.

I would take the earlier suggestion and turn them facing opposite. Also gives the impression of multiple guys catching fish because the way it is now - the dude on the left has his pole in the boat pointing at the other guy's crotch.

Might also want to bend one or both poles so it looks like they are catching fish and not just fishing.


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I really dislike your font choice.
One version is smashed one stretched.
Using the same font doesn't designate which item is most important.
I like the sunset pictorial but if the text was white and less ornate.
Something distortion-friendly like Big Red or Antique Olive Nord.
The name should be in a nice script and use the old-fashioned "Pa." abbreviation.
Not that I like abbreviations but Collegeville is a long name.
If you must use a blend in the letters go from white to light grey or white to a soft yellow or peach.
But don't put a blend in everything.


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Better...but try a white to green gradient.
Or even plain white.
It's very dark still.
I wouldn't make it have a drop shadow but on both the name and the service I'd do a black outline with a very thin process blue pinline outline.
It's at least a million times easier to read now.


what Evey one els said. and you need more negative space on the edge of the sign.
and its good you fixed the guys in the boat thy were giving me the EAVEAGEEEBEEES.



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Guy on the right caught an island. Fish are in the water. Put the line in the water and you are good to go


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I made the attached image to help explain some of my suggestions.

I think you should make two gradients, one for the sky and one for the lake to define the horizon. Also you could add a reflection in the water for the trees. and where the tree line meets the water could use a little attention to look more clean and fluid.

Just out of curiousity...is that the type of boat the guy has? if so then no problem, but if not...it does makes him look cheap.


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