Back in the Saddle


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Heyas, all!

I'm getting back into 'the biz' after a 8-year break.

I'm a 22-year veteran Paramedic with a local Fire Department. My partner and I started a small shop in 2001 printing shirts for Fire Departments and doing one-off fire-related vinyl graphics.

After Hurricane Charley dropped an airplane on our building in 2004, we shut down and our equipment has been sitting in storage. I was approached by a few of our re-sellers and I've decided to see if I can fill in the niche between all the larger shops in town.

Just wanted to stop in here, say "Hi" and find out if it is OK for me to pick your minds every once in a while!



Scott Reynolds

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Hey there. Im in the same boat, been out for 5 years and saving/buying equipment to re-open later this year or Jan 1st.

Welcome. Scott


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Welcome from California, Scott and I am sure you'll be able to do some mind picking for sure theres a ton of information on this forum and people here like to share and distribute knowledge =)


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Welcome, our primary business is Firetrucks & Ambulances. Let me know if you have any questions after being out of the business for a while!