Before & After upgrade

Steve C.

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In fairness to the previous signmaker, these people are not big spenders. They
saw another sign design I did and ask if I would do this in the same style.
Except for the small copy at the bottom, all fonts are Signfonts.


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well done! even the FB link at the bottom looks nice and not entirely out of place with the old world look and feel.


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Like night and day. The first one looks so low-budget and uninviting.
Yours makes me want to take the tour and investigate.
Lovely work, Steve.
Your fonts are a tool that all sign folks should use.


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Very very nice Steve!

what font is used for "of the"

And i notice they are using a lot of your fonts on Jay Leno too btw for the different skits..


That's one great side-by-side example for your portfolio!

this is a better example than most before and afters as the before isn't so horrible it is a no brainer that the after if better. what make sthis a good example is the before is the typical, average sign where yours shows what can be done to take a sign from informative to a work of art that still gets the same message out there but with style