Thought I'd say hi


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Started out as a way to save some $$$​

Some friends needed lettering for some work trucks. For what they were quoted on the job they decided it was cheaper to buy a cutter and have me do it. Works out for me because I got a free cutter out of it. It started out as a way to save some money and turned into a nice little side business. I can say I’m amazed at what people can produce with these machines. It is an ongoing learning adventure.




now start talking to all their friends friends with trucks, and make a little more money. just do it legally please, so you don't **** off the guys with lots of time/money invested in this business, only to have you undercut them. man i hate that!!! (don't that that personally, just venting on this subject) but for real, start finding a few more small jobs like that if you have the means to do so


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Welcome from PA.....................

Looks like you just made it in under the wire :popcorn:


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What might be an adventure to you is a full time career for some of us.
Nice that you got a free plotter because some friends were too cheap to pay a real sign guy.
Hopefully you will learn proper pricing and good design skills and not just be another Calvin cutter at the flea market.