Time for the introductions.


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Hi Guys,

My name is Stu and I use my vinyl/print business for some much needed extra income, I live in south London so I should suffer a drive by shooting a minute now......really its not as bad as the news would lead you to think.

Anyway I Use Corel 12 and Signlab ES2 euro which is the very cut down version soley for cutting with Corel, I use a Graphtec 3000-60 for vinyl, an Epson for Sublimation, a Canon MP110 for general stuff and scanning and finally I use an Oki C5400 Laser for making the number plates and perspex signs.

I always wonder if I could make this my full time income but the Bank does give Medical insurance and a pension so I guess I will stay put for the next while at least.

Hope to get to know some of you guys.




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Well Stu,

I hear that London is quite costly, so I can see your need of an extra income!

Anyways, welcome aboard!
:unclesam: :brittain:


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Welcome from the United States of America..! I too hear London is quite expensive to live...


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say hi to the queen mum..for me.....hahahahahahahahaha....and that guy with the big ears ....................thank you for craig ferguson....hes one funny chap!!!!!!!!


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Hello from PA.
Having been to London, I have no idea how one drives there...it's a busy place.
Were you at Sign UK last year?
Maybe we've met.
Do you ever go to the UK Signboards?


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:Welcome: 2 the BIG SHOW Stu . . .

Cheers !


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Welcome from Beautiful BC..that's "British" Columbia.
I'm starting a petition to change the name of our province to Pacifica. We are neither British or Columbian.
Hang on to the day job. Pension and medical is a good thing.