I will be unavailable from.....


Whats more important, Signs 101 or a cruise to Belize? OR, you could just buy all of us at :signs101: a ticket to join you.


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So will I!
Jan 21st till whenever I get home from the hospital.
Getting the old uterus taken out. Or womb if you prefer.
Wanna switch places?
Sounds like you'll be having more fun, altho I do get a morphine pumps and pain pills.


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I am sure they have wifi on the boat. We expect periodic font contributions throughout the term of your absence, er, vacation.

Have a great trip,



That's where we went. Didn't hang out much in the city, but I thought it was a cool place.

Defenitely eat some Belizian fried chicken at one of the chinese joints. Good stuff. There's a good one on the highway heading out of town toward Ladyville called Friendship Chicken.

You also might want to take a trip out to San Pedro Island or Caye Caulker if you like a quieter place.

Enjoy Belize. Nature-wise, it's paradise.


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Have fun shovel and don't think about anything but pleasure and cool water.

As for you Jill..... good luck and happy/fun recovery. The Goddess had that done quite a few years ago and she is a different person.... well, so to speak.


Have fun brother! Jill just read this several times before your surgery and maybe the morphine will make you think you are their with Shovel! Good luck and fast recovery Jill!


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Belize City....need recommendations for something to do.

Do the jungle tour to see the Mayan Ruins. It's about a 3 mile speed boat trip up the river to some really great sites. It'll take most of a day. A dinner truip out to Caye Caulker is really a nice boat trip as well.
Do you Dive? So far, that's been the best diving I have ever seen, off San Pedro and especially out around the the atolls near the Great Blue Hole.

Here's some good info on local tours.


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