1. J

    Need Help Onyx Thrive 12.2 Crash on Job Print

    Crashes randomly when I send a job on 2nd mimaki, while the 1st is printing. Here is the error report. I can't find anything on the google regarding this JV5 plugin. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Faulting application name: PosterShop.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59424bce...
  2. Sebastion

    Need Help Overriding Errors on Designjet l26500?

    So the waste management cable broke in the back of the printer (the metal connectors snapped off one another and one piece lost), and the cost is about $500 to replace and we are getting a new printer in like a week :/ the censor isn't necessary, is there anyway to get around that error message...
  3. T

    Need Help Flexi 19 error - failed to send data to printer

    I'm getting an error every once and while if I nest more than 6 files in one job while a job is already printing. It will throw the error - failed to send data to printer then abort the job. Is this fixable or is this program just a bad RIP? I have a HP570, the newest version of flexi 19, a...
  4. D

    P-init error 12e on Mimaki UJF 6042MKii

    Good day need assistance with the following error 12e P-Head init on Mimaki UJF 6042MKii see photo attached Does anyone know what it is for? it keeps popping up still able to print but printer keeps beeping with the error but would stop now and again and need to restart printer. Any...
  5. K

    Need Help Broken Bag Error 26.02.10

    Hey Everyone, looking for some help here. HP Latex 315 Cut and print bundle In March I got a broken bag error on light magenta ink cartridge, It was the original cartridge. Replaced it, fie for a month. Now in the last month, I have gone through 3 cartridges with same error. After the 3rd, I...
  6. C

    Need Help FB 500 yellow ink profile chip not reading

    Recently our hp FB 500 was running low on yellow ink, as we always do we went to swap the ink and profile chip. when we did the yellow registered full and then a few moments later it it registered as empty. we tried a different box of ink and profiler and same results. we also tried pulling a...
  7. Brian M

    Undefined Media

    Hi, My company has a Mutoh ValueJet 1638. When I go to set up a media type it just automatically gives me the "Undefined Media" error without even bothering to measure the media thickness or width. Any idea on how to remedy this? Thanks
  8. L

    Need Help Print or Cut, But not Both

    Hello All. I am running a Mimaki CJV 150-75 with CCMMYYKK SS21 inks. For the last year or so things have worked fine without much issue. Today we hooked up a Graphtec Plotter and it runs fine. Now any time I try to run a Print/Cut job on the Mimaki it fails. PS Interpreter Panic Error. I can...
  9. C

    Need help: FB700: A-UV-52 UV lamp current not detected

    I have an error on my FB700 A-UV-52 UV lamp current not detected. First it came when the lamps had 756 hours in them. Then I have changed them. But unfortunately it keeps throwing this error with the brand new HP lamp too. I stops printing with this error. And I can only print for a couple...
  10. jagsouthern

    Need Help Latex 310 Error 16.41:10

    We've been getting error code 16.13:10 for a few weeks now. We would restart the printer and it could be fine for a week and then pop up again. Yesterday we got the same code, so we took the front cover off and cleaned the dust out of the fans with canned air. There was A LOT in there. After we...
  11. Ricardo Barata

    Need Help Mimaki CJV150-130 - "INK TYPE" error

    Hello. I use a Mimaki CJV150-130 in my work. In my work we use this machine to do some signs, only for the company purpose. So we buy new INK cartridges, in this case we buy SS21 ink, but we previously use BS4 ink, and now when we try to put the machine running appears an error in the boot "INK...
  12. S

    Question error - invalid or unsupported id. on line 2658

    can any tell me what this error message is about. Error invalid or unsupported id. on line 2658
  13. M

    Off Scale message - FC8600 & Flexi

    I have a Graphtec FC8600 and I am using Flexi 12. When I send a cut it gives the message OFF SCALE. Plotter just stops there. I have tried: Rebooting both computer and plotter (both several times) Different files, as simple as just plotting ABC. Deleting and reinstalling driver in Flexi manager...
  14. C

    Need Help Mutoh VJ1204 'E068' error - I've replaced everything

    I received a Mutoh VJ1204 large format printer for free, knowing that it was 'broken'. Previous owners didn't want to pay to have it fixed so I figured since I had some technical knowledge, I'd be able to work on it in my spare time. The error I get is "E068: CR Encoder" Knowing that this had...
  15. M

    Valueless Cutting Error

    When I try to do a cut on the Valuejet 1624X Printer, It just scores the vinyl, and does not make the cut. Then comes up with a cutting error. I need to release and reset the vinyl to clear the error code. Does anyone have any idea of what I need to do to repair this. Just noticed, sorry...
  16. D

    RSC-1401HW Laminator just beeping when powered up

    Hi! I have a RSC-1401HW Laminator and when I power it up, it just has a constant beep. I checked and neither of the emergency stops are depressed. The one on the front would just spin when trying to disengage it, so I pulled the cover and tightened it back up. They both seem to work fine now. I...
  17. P

    SUMMA DC4 Banding issue

    Hy guy ! I 'm looking for help just got a SUMMA DC4 for 6 month now and can't get a good printing on white vinyl. I hope i'll find here some SUMMA thermal printer users (if there is any left) to help me on this printer. There are two major problems that i'm facing every use: A light banding...
  18. P

    Need Help Error 26.06.10 from HP 360 Broken Bag

    Hy everyone, We've just got a used Latex HP 360 printer in the workshop but the printer display a Yellow Broken bag error 26.06.10. We are new with these printers and not having any experience with theses. Any help on this will be welcomed:) François
  19. B

    Need Help Head temp E1877 error

    I am having some trouble with my 1938tx, original the print head 2 wasn't printing, I swapped the print heads from head 1 and 2, and the same channel printed so I knew that the printhead was still good, since now print head 2 was printing 100%. So than I changed out the mother board, and...
  20. A

    Need Help CPFO error on the sabre

    When it rains... I have recently began receiving a CPFO error on my Sabre. It was intermittent and would eventually go away. Now that I have several jobs I need to router, it has decided to stay. Any advice?