1. J

    Clear Vinyl Profile SC-80600

    Any suggestions for a profile for printing on a clear vinyl with an SC-80600. I am currently using the 3M8150 Clear with White-CT_18 pass. The colors are actually really good but the problem is it's very slow. Its about 5-6x times slower then printing without the white. I understand why it would...
  2. A

    Need Help Onyx 10 Color Management and Profiles problem

    Hi , i have a problem with Onyx 10 Color Management and Color Profiles , I mention that for print I use Avery MPI 2800 media , the printer is a Mutoh ValueJet 1304 and the graphics program is Corel Draw X7. The problem is that after I work the file in corel, I save it psd type to prepare it...
  3. B

    I Want To Make My Own Profiles

    Ok I'm sick of my colors not popping the way they should. Does anyone have some tips or links for building or getting great profiles? I need some "for dummies" type step by step type stuff for this. I print all day, but don't know much at all about level adjustments or quality settings, or how...
  4. lbpalm

    Need Help Mutoh XPJ-1641SR Washed out colors

    I have a brand new 1641SR. Very few profiles out there for this machine! But what profiles I have found all print light blues and greens with a mottled, faded visual appearance. Very unattractive. Anyone know a solution? TIA!!!
  5. B

    Need Help How many profiles do you really need?

    Good Morning, Do you use a different profile for each type of media you print on? Do you have any across-the-board profile types you recommend for optimal printing? Could different profiles be the answer to color specific banding? Have you found that generic (or random) profiles deliver...
  6. S

    Question Epson S80600 White printing - 3 Layers

    Hello all, I have a Epson Surecolor S80600 10 color (White/Silver) roll to roll printer and need to print 2 layers of white on reflective media. Problem I have is I cannot find any profiles in the Epson database that has the 3L (color->spot->spot) option, all I can find are 2L (Color->spot)...
  7. diltech

    Question Different printers, same jobs sublimation Mimki Kiian

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone here has managed to make their color profiles for different printers and have identical colors on all their sublimation printers. I use Ergosoft for color management and I have Mimaki's printers, 2X #JV-33 and a #JV-300. Creating a profile on sublimation...
  8. S

    RIP/dither issue

    Curious if anyone has seen this sort of "ghosting" in a RIP before? These are very small shapes, and I did play with levels a hair to get the ghosting to show up a little better (probably not visible on all monitors, before you call me nuts). There are arrows that show where the "ghosting"...
  9. Bradw99

    Question HP 365 Users. What the deal with the number of passes?

    We are new to the latex 365 and I have some questions about which number of passes to use. I would like to hear from operators that are running the wide format. The default profiles give you normally 3 choices, 4pass, 6pass, 10pass. What does that mean? Does the 10pass put 2.5 times the amount...
  10. Lelle

    Need Help I need to borrow 1440 dpi profile

    Hi guys! Im here to ask you a favor (once again :D). The thing is that i haven't found profiles to my roland printer in 1440dpi (even in roland profile center) . I use a XC-540, roland versaworks version 5.x, CMYKLcLm ink configuration, eco sol max ink type. I only have 720x720dpi profiles in my...
  11. C

    Epson Surecolor S60670 - 1 Pass Profile

    I'm trying to find an ICC profile with 1-pass print for the printer but always seems to find 2-pass for with 720x720 or 720x1440 resolution. Anyone can suggest me a good profile with 1-pass as this will only be used on mass printing 2x3 ft election banners? Thanks.
  12. K

    Question 1440x1440 Profiles s40600

    Hey guys, So i have the S40600 and its been amazing, i get accurate colors everytime and use the ij35c profile for 90% of my jobs and ive been really happy with it, but my question is, is there any profiles out there with a 1440x1440 profile for SAV? The only one ive found has been a arlon...
  13. A

    Need Help S80600 banding on 12 pass

    I have an S80600 that i am having banding issues. I now have it on 12 pass. I have tried multiple materials along with our in house created profiles and canned profiles. Almost all things printed with 8 pass band as well. I have done an auto media feed adjust and i also created a new media...
  14. 96XP

    Q: profiling, Roland, custom ICC

    Hello, am seeking guidance in getting better quality / more accurate RGB prints from a Roland 6 color. I have been reviewing different color meters such as the X-Rite etc, though am not sure what others may be relying on to calibrate and create custom profiles for their printers. Can anyone...
  15. S

    OKI/Seiko profiles for Flexi

    Looking to see if anyone has had any good luck with any profiles using Flexi on their Seiko/OKI. I know a lot of people use Onyx but would still like print through both rips. Thanks in advance!
  16. bayviewsignworks

    Roland SG-300 print profiles and changing media cutoff length.

    First we now have a new SG-300 using the VersaWorks Dual. So far so good, but - 1) there are no profiles available and the four that came with the machine really aren't enough, where can I find the "stock set" like what came with VW? 2) when the sheet cuts and I feed it back through to...
  17. M

    Need Help icc profiles for flexi 12?

    Hi Everyone, I had a complete hard drive fail and updated to a new machine. Long story short and lots of reading on here to have my printer back on the network. I have more issues now, and have tried so many avenues but no luck. I'm running Flexi 12 and my printer is a HP 26500. I've downloaded...
  18. U

    Flexi 12 Color settings issue.

    When attempting to setup my color settings from with in flexi not the Production manager I get the following error if the profile has already been loaded into production manager or copied over to the ICC profiles folder. If the profile has not been loaded into the ICC folder or used in...
  19. C

    HP 260 Vertical Banding

    Not sure where to go with this and Grimco is a bit slow responding. This pic is on Avery 1005 but it happens on all vinyl medias. (Only really see it on dark heavy coverage though) We have: Replaced all printheads Increased vacume in profile Increased heat Tried other profiles Printhead...
  20. espace-visuel

    Need icc profiles - Mimaki cjv150

    Hi Was wondering if someone had icc profiles for CJV150-160. ink conf. is ss21 - CYMK, Rip is Rasterlink6. Thanks