joe report Monday 4/25 2 AM Final...


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Just had a call from Joe. He is up and fully functional. He is operating on his own for now. The docs will be planting a defib into him in the next day or two.

It seems there will be some small amount of heart damage. They will know more after he heals a little more. However he is still suffering from infections and other complications.

The fact that a dep sheriff was right on the scene with a portable defib was a major factor. And the EMT team got him to the docs right away. Yes it was a very close call. It seems he didn't have a heart attack as in a clot. His heart did the fibulation thing and caused a serious problem because no blood was moving.

I pray this will be the last update. Hopefully by this weekend the ol' coot will be here to rant again.

First Ol' Si a year ago and now ol Joe. I think I have a full measure of emotional swings. What do you all think?



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what cool news... OP, you are probably gonna be even more insufferable knowing how much we all love ya... and that is as it should be.. 'cause insufferable is what we love about ya!!!

aging sucks though...


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what do we think???? i think maybe we witnessed (so to speak) a miracle!

can't wait to see ya back posting OP!!!!!
hope you're feeling the love!


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Fantastic, can't wait for him to get back in here!
Happy Easter Joe.

Thanks for the update Tech.

wayne k
guam usa


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Fantastic news...made me smile from ear to ear and I'm looking forward to him giving you all a hard time.

I've been here half a world away concerned about him and I'm sure many others from around the globe have as well....great news.

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Curtis,..I've been out of tha late nite loop for awhile now with school and all, but been goin thru alot of old memories and realizin' the importance of friendship this past week or so,....thanx for the effort ta keep us updated and hopefully ya won't have to do it again for quite some time,....I f ya talk ta Joe before I do, tell'im hey for me & glad ta hear he is gettin' better,...timi


George Bush will be happy that OP.......)))))) is back and will be ginving him the highest praise a former President could get.............))))))))))))))))))>
Can't wait to see back on the board leading the "CONSERTATIVE" rant. Our prayers have been answered...........)))))))))))))))))


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Just great.... simply great news !!

I can't wait to hear his version of what took place. The next few weeks should prove very interesting.... and possibly frustrating............:ROFLMAO:

:Welcome: back, Joe............. :toasting:


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Thank you for the updates Techman, I for one has been looking morning, noon and night for updates on Joe and so glad he can see the edge of the woods and his full recovery looks good. will still keep the prayers and good thoughts strong so he may never have this again, and live long and strong.